PQA provides a properly designed Documented Quality Management System (QMS) that:

Documentation for quality management system



This document aids in implementing your quality management system and communicates policy, procedures and requirements. It outlines goals and structures of the quality management system.

The QMS details the context of your organization, by understanding the internal and external issues that affect your QMS, as well as the needs and expectations of interested parties.  It also contains the scope of the quality management system, a description of the processes needed for the QMS and their interaction, and the assignment of responsibilities and authorities for those processes.

The QMS contains your organization’s Mission Statement, Focus, Scope, Operation, Process Map, Organization Chart and the organization plan following the appropriate ISO standard

PROCEDURES (Required and/or Recommended by the Standard)

These procedures cover the specific methods, strategies, and principles the various departments within your organization will utilize to comply with your Quality System.

We will prepare Procedures that are appropriate for YOUR organization.  PQA will also provide samples of Forms, etc. as needed.


These are the work procedures/work instructions that are unique to each client. These are reviewed for accuracy and compliance to the applicable standard as part of the Audit conducted during auditor training

Other documentation used within the normal practice of your operations, Travelers, Calibration Tags, Discrepancy Tags, etc. are also reviewed and audited.

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